Hello! Am Ana, passionate about design and decoration with a special love for nature and Asturian rural architecture.

I have liked decoration and interior design since I was little, when I waited excitedly every month for the magazine to which my mother subscribed to arrive. So I ended up studying decoration.

I know, from experience, how frustrating it is to see how time goes by and your property does not generate visits or they do not end up on sale, and to believe that the only option is to lower the price.

Then I discovered Home Staging and realized that it was a powerful alternative with which I could help people achieve their rental or sale goals, adding value to my clients' homes.

Thanks to the experience that I have accumulated in different fields (interior design, graphic design, presentation of architectural projects, setting events) and after a period of specific training in Home Staging, I feel that I can carry out this project with great enthusiasm. and passion it requires.

In addition, one of my main purposes is to help improve the image of rural accommodation in the area. I strongly believe in the importance of providing guests with an unforgettable experience because it not only benefits the property owners, but also the region as a whole. By attracting quality tourism, we contribute to strengthening the local economy and promoting the charms of Asturias. I want to be part of this improvement process and contribute to the revitalization of our rural environment.

My vision is based on offering my clients a personalized experience. I like to work closely with them, understanding their needs and aspirations and striving for excellence to ensure their total satisfaction.

I create visually stunning experiences for potential buyers, renters or guests, causing a crush at first glance.

Contact me today and I can help you transform your spaces into unforgettable experiences with a positive impact on your life and your properties.

Photo by Ana Garcia-Navarro
Night landscape.

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